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Hawaiian Turtle Tattoos are unique and beautiful tattoo designs. Turtles are the oldest creatures on the earth. They have exceptional ability to live on land and water both. Turtles moves slowly and the hard shell on back protect them from danger and helps in living long life. Honu’ and symbol of good luck, patience and long life. Sea turtles are by far one of our favorite marine animals to watch in Maui waters, and it never gets old. We hope you enjoy some interesting facts about sea turtles on Maui before your next visit!

Sea turtles live in tropical waters. Unlike other turtles who make international voyages, Hawaiian sea turtles tend to stick around the Hawaiian islands. They can be found near coral reefs, basking in the sun on Hawaii beaches or resting under ledges on the ocean floor. Young turtles typically hang out in deeper water and eat jellyfish and living organisms. As they grow older, and their size outweighs the threat of predators such as crabs, they start to visit the more shallow areas and feed on algae and seagrass. Rather than teeth, turtles use their beak to at. They swim, breathe, eat and sleep. What more could you ask for?

Basking in the sun on Hawaii beaches or resting under ledges on the ocean floor. Hawksbill also dine on marine algae, no fishing is allowed in the area. Hawksbills have a smaller head than green sea turtles, these turtles feed in seagrass pastures in the Gulf of California. They can be found near coral reefs, they do not see many colors in the orange to red portion of the light spectrum. Cached or otherwise used, you can contribute your photograph to www.

Sea turtles use their front flippers as power propulsion appendages while their rear flippers steer like rudders. It’s possible for a turtle to reach speeds up to 15 mph. Only two are likely to be observed: Green and hawksbill. The others three in deep ocean waters and are far less likely to be spotted. Adult Hawaiian green sea turtles are around 4 feet in length and anywhere from 300 to 400 lbs. They don’t get their name from the color of their shell or skin, but from the hue of their fat. Their diet of seaweed and seagrass is largely responsible for the color.

Hawaiian Green sea turtles tend to live around the main Hawaiian islands, but make the long journey to the French Frigate Shoals to nest. The Frigate Shoals are part of the largest protected marine area, the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. A turtle that takes up residence in Kauai, the closest island of the main Hawaiian islands, will travel approximately 450 miles to nest. Not quite as far as our seasonal Humpback Whale friends who swim a whopping 3K miles, but still quite the trip. Turtles return to nest anywhere from every two to four years. Hawksbill sea turtles Can grow up to 45 inches long and weigh up to 150 lbs. Their name is derived from their bird-like beak. Unlike the Hawaiian green sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles remain omnivorous throughout their lifetime. Also a departure from their green friends, hawksbills do not regularly come onto the beach.

If you like to start your day with an early morning walk on the beach, you might just run into some turtles laying in the sand. For those who like to sleep in, you may only witness their tracks. Due to the nature of the way the wind and waves pick up in Maui, swimming with sea turtles is generally best in the early morning. Sea turtles on Maui, and all of Hawaii, are protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act as well as Hawaii State law. Touching a sea turtle or acting in a manner that alters their behavior is considered harassment. Top sea turtle beaches in Maui Ho’okipa Beach on Maui’s north shore is a well-known surf, windsurf and kiteboarding beach. Top sea turtle snorkel spots in Maui Turtle Town in Makena is just like it sounds, a place to see a lot of sea turtles and it is located just off Makena Landing Beach Park. Other names for this spot are 5 Caves 5 Graves or the Hawaiian name of Nahuna. The lava tube formations on the ocean floor at Nahuna gave rise to unique coral reef structures and arches.

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